Domains, Hosting and Email

We get a lot of questions about domain names, web hosting and email addresses.
What does RxGym do and what don't we do?  

Web Hosting
We host your website.  It is hosted on our server so you don't worry about how much room you are using or how much 'bandwidth' you use for traffic.  The more the merrier for both as far as we are concerned, we own the server.  This includes all your data: workouts, results and athlete profiles, photos, plus any custom pages you create, like About Us, Pricing or Testimonials.  You don't need to purchase hosting from another company, that's already part of what you get with RxGym.

Domain Names
You can point your domain name to your RxGym site it so it doesn't have an address like and instead is simply  If you have multiple domain names, like .NET and .COM or different versions of your name, no worries, they can all point to your site.  We do not register domain names. This is done by companies like GoDaddy.  

Most people already have email with GMail, HotMail, Yahoo, etc and we recommend continuing to use these accounts for your gym contact.  If you want a custom email for your gym like or you will need to purchase an email account where you purchased your domain name.

Hope this answers some questions.  If you have more, please send us an email or give us a call and we will do our best to explain how this all works.